Incubase Studio Launches Incubase Arena: A New Entertainment Hub for Japanese Anime and Culture in Hong Kong

2024/4/26 18:22:13

HONG KONG, April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Incubase Studio, an entertainment experience producer and organizer based in Hong Kong, is set to launch the highly anticipated Incubase Arena in Hong Kong in late April. In collaboration with Anima Tokyo, Incubase Arena is situated on the 1st floor of Anima Tokyo in Tsim Sha Tsui's Canton Road, aiming to become a regional hub of Japanese anime extertainment experience for locals and tourists from around the globe. The venue will feature limited-edition experience exhibitions, pop-up stores, and an anime-themed café.

Incubase Arena
Incubase Arena

The inaugural exhibition at Incubase Arena, The Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition, is set to run from April 29th to June 11th, marking an exciting addition to Incubase Studio's ongoing series of touring exhibitions across Asia. Incubase Arena will continue to host a variety of events in the coming months in collaboration with animation franchises, such as F&B co-brand partnership, offering visitors themed food and drink delights alongside the exhibitions. These partnerships promise to make Incubase Arena a hub of excitement and celebration for anime enthusiasts within the city and beyond.

The first exhibition of Incubase Arena, The Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition, will be held from April 29th to June 11th.
The first exhibition of Incubase Arena, The Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition, will be held from April 29th to June 11th.

Incubase Studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional event spaces tailored to cultural and entertainment experiences of the highest caliber. "Our goal is to cultivate a dynamic community that thrives on shared interests and passion for favourite entertainment franchises, spanning anime, films, video games, board games, and more," shared Sion Yip, Founder and Managing Director of Incubase Studio. Sion brings over 20 years of expertise in branding, physical and digital entertainment, animation and movie production.

Incubase Arena represents a visionary expansion of Incubase Studio's business into experience production, serving as a pivotal step in engaging a diverse range of customers from Hong Kong and beyond. "Our collaboration with Anima Tokyo demonstrates our deep admiration for Japanese Anime IPs (Intellectual Property). We recognize their immense potential in the Southeast Asia markets and have strategic plans for further development in the region," added Sion Yip.

Touring Experiences in Asia
Incubase Studio is at the forefront of pushing the limits of physical attractions and experiences, curating captivating and top-tier experiences from concept to realization. They partner with leading entertainment franchises such as animation series One Piece, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and manga Attack on Titan, as well as Hollywood productions The Conjuring Universe, Frozen and The Minions.

The company is breaking barriers in production with their touring experience model, which features quicker turnaround times, wider geographic distribution by visiting multiple countries annually, and an asset-light approach. This nimbler touring framework makes their productions increasingly attractive to commercial real estate and entertainment facility operators across Asia.

Their touring experiences, such as the One Piece "The Great Era of Piracy" Exhibition Asia Tour, have attracted anime fans from various regions, with plans to expand to more locations across Asia this year. Incubase Studio is also known for curating the highly acclaimed The Conjuring Universe Tour, a heart-pounding walk-through experience featuring set recreations inspired by iconic scenes from the most successful horror franchise of all time. After the launches in Malaysia and Taiwan, this experience exhibition will continue its tour in Asia.

Sion Yip, Founder and Managing Director of Incubase Studio
Sion Yip, Founder and Managing Director of Incubase Studio

Exciting Adventures Ahead
In 2024, Incubase Studio has ambitious plans to deliver an even more exhilarating lineup of adventures across Asia. Building upon the success of collaboration with One Piece and The Conjuring Universe, they aim to captivate audiences with more beloved entertainment franchises like Peppa Pig, Dragon Ball, and Crayon Shinchan all to be brought to live.

Sion proudly stated, "We've already produced over 100 licensing projects in successful collaborations with international licensors such as Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Universal, Sanrio, Toei Animation and more. Our commitment to delivering exciting and immersive experiences remains unwavering, as we continue to expand our offerings to consumers in Asia."

With their sights set on expanding their footprint, the passionate team of Incubase Studio is poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact in both local and international markets. People can anticipate an extraordinary journey filled with excitement, innovation and a profound appreciation for the art form.

About Incubase Studio
At Incubase Studio, imaginations are conceived into reality. The studio curates the most exciting immersive experiences to celebrate and connect fandoms worldwide. Incubase Studio is an industry leader in the curation of unique immersive experiences of the highest quality with engaging storytelling and interactive devices. Based in Hong Kong, Incubase has built an extensive network of local and international partners throughout the years to efficiently execute event planning and touring operations.